Friday, May 2, 2008

The Butterscotch Bunny

This is the Butterscotch Bunny. He (or she) appeared in our backyard 9 days ago and deftly avoided capture whilst I stalked him for half an hour in the rain. I was worried a dog might catch him. Two days later he returned. I wish I'd had a video camera for the slapstick chase that ensued between rabbit & husband *hee hee*. He escaped through a hole in the fence. But then he came back, and left ... He came in more frequently (despite the chasing), stayed longer, and let us get closer. This was clearly an escaped hutch rabbit. Well ... today he underestimated hubby's arm length and was caught. He hopped around our enclosed hallway whilst I borrowed a hutch from a friend and picked up some fresh straw. He totally freaked out when he saw the hutch and dh nearly dropped him. But he's now in his hutch, safe and sound. I'm pretty sure he's plotting his escape though. Don't know if we'll keep him ... it's temping ... he's so terribly cute.

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