Thursday, September 4, 2008

Journal Jar & Diary

I am really excited! Yesterday I did a drawing of a gorgeous girl ... all on my own. Usually I draw like a 5 year old, but this designing gig must be encouraging my inner-artist! Anyway, today I got to paint her, and I'm really thrilled with the end result. I chose bright muted tones, and this is the diary cover. It just needs to cure, then I'll varnish it and put the cover back on the diary. I'll also be decorating a journal jar, glue stick and pen to co-ordinate then fill the jar with questions.

Did I hear you ask "What's a journal jar?" I thought so ;) ... a journal jar is simply a jar full of questions. Each day you take one out, glue it into the diary, and answer it. I gave one to my mother and grandmother, and one day I'll get to read all about what life was like when they were young, familiy traditions, stories and secrets and if I'm lucky, my Nana's date cake recipe!!! Don't leave it until they pass away to wish you'd asked this or that. Or make one for yourself and leave memories for your own children.

Here are some links to find questions you can print for your jars:

Questions for Grownups

Questions for Kids

More Questions

and more more just Google 'Journal Jar' and you'll be amazed!

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