Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ever wondered if you could?

Someone challenged me to make this pair and I wanted to try it ... just to see if I could make dolls without a pattern ... from scratch. As it turns out, I can :D Won't be making these again, but the experience taught me that I can make my own dolls now, not relying on the patterns of others. This is a good thing because I can really let my imagination run wild without having to worry about TOU's of other pattern makers.


Chrisy said...

Ur very clever...ull soon be making ur own patterns to sell to other people!

Dawn said...

Thanks Chrisy! I have painting patterns, and cross-stitch patterns, but it would be really cool to add doll patterns to the collection :D

Samantha said...

They're adorable! Congratulations on tackling patternless creating!! :)