Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RAK Winner

Three very beautiful stories about random acts of kindness, so I popped the names in a little pink tub and drew out this one ... have a read. Thanks so much for posting your stories, they really made my day each time one came into my inbox.

Karennarelle is our winner ... please email me at and I can give you the details of how we will make your beautiful fairy portrait :)

karennarelle said...

How horrible for you and how lucky that the man was there...
My random act of kindness was to a little old lady who was in front of me in the shopping centre. She only had a few items I had my usual trolley full. I was busy stacking the groceries while her tally was being rung up when i realised that the cashier was telling her that she needed 3 more dollars or she would have to put some things back. She wasnt polite or sympathetic to this poor lady who was clearly embarassed. I told the lady that i would cover it the old lady was very gracious and i said that i would hope someone would do the same for my nan if she was ever caught short and that i was sure she had helped many people in her lifetime. The saddest thing about the story is that the cashier just looked at me as if i was crazy, it obviously would never occur to her to do that for someone.

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