Saturday, June 12, 2010

Out with the old ...

... and in with the new!!!

As I have some new stamps arriving in tomorrow's post (hopefully), I thought I had better do a bit of an inventory of what I already have. Yeah ... I have too much stuff (my husband, mother & sister will confirm that).

So ... I took to my Sizzix die and Stampin' Up sets and asked each and every one ... "If my house burned down, would I buy you again with the insurance money?". For this stack here, the answer was "No.". I have added to the stack since I took this pic, with some Studio G and single wood mounted stamps.

Photos have been taken, first dibs will be to my OzSwapTillYouDrop and Facebook friends. Then on to eBay they go. My shelves look a lot less cluttered, and it makes me and my husband happy LOL.

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