Thursday, December 16, 2010

She's kidding ... right?

I am not a specialist. Let's get that clear straight up. I have never chosen one thing and stuck with it. I get bored easily and my mind strays, I get new ideas and just have to try them! During a conversation with some friends recently I kind of freaked out her 15yo dd. She couldn't believe that I do as many things as I do. As they drove off I called out "I also type 110 words per minute!" LOL ... and she turned to her mother and said ... "she's kidding, right???!!!"

No ... I am not kidding, and at one point I wondered where all these crazy endeavours would take me. Well ... to some interesting places. I got to travel around Australia visiting Spotlight stores, I've had projects published by magazines, I've co-written a pattern book and I design for 2 amazing Australian companies. So ... for your information / amusement / bemusement ... I present some of the stuff I do.

* Photography (including Santa portraits)
* Digital art (including fairy portraits)
* Photo restoration
* Crochet
* Cross-stitch (including my orginal design kits 'Fifi & Frankie')
* Cloth dolls
* Folk art / decorative painting (acrylics)
* Scrapbooking
* Stamping
* Cardmaking
* Copic certified designer (colouring in for grown-ups)
* Design sewing patterns for Australian Girl dolls
* Design for Brandcorp Pty Ltd, brands including Martha Stewart, Francheville, Milford Threads and Semco

... but my main passion is definately teaching! So, I'm looking forward to some new teaching experiences in 2011. Bring it on!!! Enjoy the pics :D


FitterTwit said...

I like your style! Congrats on your Copic Certification!!! :)

Karen said...

And you are an awesome teacher, at that! Oh, and guess what, Ms Copic Certified Designer/Teacher Extraordinaire? I won my first online challenge blog colouring with Copics! And it's all your fault!! LOL