Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Less housework = more time to bake!

So, with hubby home for the last 5 weeks, he has been taking care of the basic stuff that needs doing around the house like dishes, floors & laundry. That has left me a bit more time to bake up a storm. Since I'm budgeting like a crazy lady, I figured I'd go through the goodies I'd stored up in my shelf of tinned goods. OMG! I had berries, pie apples, refried beans, 3 jars of salsa ... what the? So, I started finding recipes that use the ingredients and we've been eating better meals and home-baked goodies for a month! Delicious! Today I also made a pear & raspberry bread, we're making air-popped popcorn for after school and Princess #1 learned how to make vegetable fritters at school, so she's having a go at making them for us for dinner tonight!

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