Friday, January 25, 2008

Are we sick of Annies yet?

Well ... after staying up until 3am to finish this one, I might take a day off. It always amazes me that time really does fly when you're having fun :D But sick of them ... not yet!

This is De's freebie pattern 'Little Long Legged Big Haired Annie', done in pink. I think unravelling the hair took the longest, but it looks so good! I even added bling to this one with some KindyGlitz. You can find this pattern on the Bowls 'n' Annies blog (There's a link on the right).

Happy Australia Day! (maybe one more in red, white & blue *hee hee*).


Anonymous said...

NO NO NO! We will never be sick of those cuties!!! NEVER! And those are some of the cutest annies I have ever seen, gotta go look again!

Linda J said...

Oh Dawn,
these are so cute, you have done an amazing job I just love them.
Might have to have a wee look at how they are done, feeling very inspired, have no time but who needs sleep when you can have an Annie.....
Just lovely,

Linda J