Monday, November 10, 2008

Ahoy there ... in pink!

Yeah ... I was watching Pirates of the Carribean again today ... can you tell?

This little girl bear is playing dress-up and I can just imagine her making her dollies walk the plank whilst dreaming of Johnny Depp (what self respecting girl wouldn't?). She's painted on an A5 blank visual arts diary, and will be put up for sale at the St Ives Heritage Markets on 22nd November. But if you would like this little pirate princess painted on something special, please email me, as I'm always happy to paint custom pieces.


Shaz :) said...

Hi Dawn,
Ooh she is soooo cute, and the pink feather...woohooo!
I'm sure this one wil not last for long at the markets. You are sure to sell a bunch of them! Love it!!!
Shaz :)

Karen Oliver said...

You need to bling that feather up just for Shaz :-) She's so adorable.

Karen Oliver said...

The Bear, not Shaz, although don't get me wrong, Shaz is adorable of course.....

Dawn said...

I need some irridescent medium :D ... it's on my Christmas wish list! Maybe I could glue some baby bling in the centre of each star!