Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kitty loves her seahorse

It's been a while since I posted a kitten photo. Ally is 4 months old now, and she's grown quite a bit. Her initial desire to be with me all the time has also calmed itself, and she no longer sleeps in my arms while I'm at the computer. We have a catnap after school drop-off in the mornings, then it's play, play, play until after lunch. Pretty much from then on she sleeps until hubby comes home.

Ally has also calmed her desire to chase my yarn while I'm doing cross-stitch or crochet, and I finally managed to make myself a lovely rainbow seahorse. Well ... it was for me. Now it's hers *sigh*. But she's so cute, how could I refuse!!??!! I made this seahorse from a pattern by mygurumi and if you're looking for a great easy to read amigurumi pattern, this is it!

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Chrisy said...

Both very cute...well she can obviously smell the sea on it can't she!