Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mmmmmmm ... that smells good!

Yes ... these were the words I heard as I tried a new recipe today. I made vegemite/cheese scrolls and custard/sultana scrolls. A dozen of each! Nothing difficult about them, and they taste amazing! I will confess to laughing like a loon trying to roll, cut and transfer the custard scrolls to the tray ... they were pretty messy.

It's a recipe from The Destitute Gourmet, and I found it in my Simple Savings newsletter. Everyone loves these, and next time I will make 2 dozen cheesymite scrolls and skip the custard mess (and tempting calories). They'll be great in lunch boxes! The photo above isn't my actual scrolls (but it's close) ... I can't upload pics until I get rid of this darn computer virus!

UPDATE ... click here for a link to the Simple Savings newsletter that contains the recipe!


Baroness Bijoutery said...

The cheesemite ones sounds really good...I will have to look for that recipe...I can do without the mess of the custard ones...hehe..Thanks for sharing...

Dawn said...

I updated the post to include a link to the newsletter where I sourced the recipe. You can make all of them into vegemite scrolls instead of doing half and half. That's what I'll do next time!