Friday, March 26, 2010

We're renovating!

We've been in our lovely Central Coast home for almost 3 years now. Sure, it didn't tick every single box on our wish list, but it did tick the major one ... NO RENOVATIONS REQUIRED! It had been newly carpeted, tiled, painted, extended, and even though it only had 1 bath & 3 beds, we had to have it.

Three years later, though, I have a pre-teen who needs more room in her room. So we took action on my mother's brilliant idea to knock out a wall and push dd#1's room into dd#2's room (which is huge). So the builder arrived yesterday, and here is the result. The walls will be finished on Monday, then the wardrobe modules will be installed after Easter. I figure it's time to do a little makeover in the bedrooms too, so a bit of decorating will be in order. Yay!

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