Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am officially a HUGE fan of Wicked. It is hands down the best musical I have ever seen (and I have seen quite a few!). Hubby bought me 2 tickets for Christmas, and when February finally rolled around, Jemma Rix in the role of Elphaba absolutely blew me away!!! For mothers day I was given 4 more tickets, and yesterday we took both the girls with us for their first ever theatre experience. Pippa Grandison played Elphaba and it was her final performance. She was a very different Elphie than Jemma, but still very good. I really wanted to hang about the stage door, but everyone else was restless, it was cold and it was dark ... and so we went straight home. Perhaps I can wrangle day-time tickets and hang out with the groupies on my own one day soon :D

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BRmademoiselle said...

Yep Jemma Rix is AWESOME! She had Singapore spellbinded and wanting more! Hope they come back for the next tour!