Monday, February 14, 2011

Budding artist

I'm such a proud Mum! My 12yo dd has really started to develop some amazing skills at drawing anime, manga and chibi style characters. This is her latest offering (from the swimming carnival today LOL) and I suggested she call it "Running with Scissors"! Personally I think this would make a great digital stamp. Perhaps when I get the computer fixed we can get the graphics tablet plugged in and she can work on some digi stamps!

Her blog is called KateDoodlez, and you can visit her by clicking here. She would love some comments and a few followers ... it would really make her day.


Sammi said...

Oh wow!! that's AWESOME! The name is GREAT! lol!
Can't wait to see some digi stamps!

Patty said...

You should be proud, some amazing talent here! Soon we will have a new digi artist!