Friday, February 4, 2011

What a week!

It's been a crazy week, for many reasons.

1. DD#1 started high school (requiring a much earlier start than I'm used to).
2. DD#2 went back to school after homeschooling since November (she's unhappy already).
3. I am decluttering my entire home, one drawer, shelf or cupboard at a time.
4. I have been running errands and sewing dolls like a crazy lady!
5. I set up a fan page on Facebook for Hello Dollies, including a shop.
6. It is HOT, apparently the hottest streak ever at this time of year for Sydney.
7. Cyclone Yasi ... trying to keep up with where it hit, and if family & friends were ok.

See ... I told you it was crazy!!

The dolls in the above photo are all for sale at Hello Dollies on Facebook. If you take a look down the column on the right of this page, you'll see a like button that you can click. I'd love to get some more people following the page, and if you know anyone who might need to buy a doll as a gift for a little one, or a handmade card ... then spread the word! Much appreciated :)


Baroness Bijoutery said...

You could send alittle of that hot weather our way, I wouldn't mind alittle heat right now. I will go find you FB page and Fan it..I love my FB Business page.

Dawn said...

*Mwah!* Thank you!