Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I don't want to know how many days ... but ....

Yeah, I know ... I'll have people covering their ears and trying to ignore me. Sorry! What I am particularly excited about is the fundraiser I created for my Girl Guide district last year. We offered personalised christmas gift tags to our families, and I was overwhelmed with the response! I created and printed over 2,100 tags!!!!

The tags are 2" x 3", and I print your 'from' greeting. This was particularly popular with large families, as they were pleased not to write 'from Joe, Sarah, Robert, Ada, Susan & Jack' (or some such essay) on hundreds of gift tags!

Anyway ... they are coming back, and not only for my girl guides. We are offering this as a fundraiser for other Aussie groups like Guides, Scouts, preschools, P&C's, sporting groups, etc. If you want some info, just email me at dlewis71@aapt.net.au and I'll happily send you everything you need to see and know :) Otherwise, if you want to place an order for yourselves, the new designs & order forms will be available really soon. Just let me know, and I'll happily email you an order form :)

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Josh said...

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