Sunday, October 31, 2010

I work and sort by colour!

It used to be that all my brads were in one box, my eyelets in another box, ribbon in another box, fibres in a folder, tags in an envelope ... and when I tried to scrapbook I was constantly dragging out tonnes of stuff and hunting for the right embellishments.

Then one day it occurs to me that I work by colour, and therefore wouldn't it make more sense if my embellishments were sorted by colour? YES! So ... down to The Reject Shop to buy some 5L tubs for $2 each. I made the labels from my digital scrapbooking kits, and now I am all set! Now when I'm working on a layout or card I choose my cololur scheme ...let's say pink & purple. I choose papers then get out the pink & purple boxes to find the embellishments to match. No more hunting!!!

It worked so well that I helped my friend Linda make over her scrapbooking supplies using the same storage ideas. Doesn't Linda's desk look better?! Inside the tubs things are separated using embellishment boxes and snaplock bags. Less time searching means more time playing!


Tricia said...

Super idea, Dawn! I've got to give this a try. Definitely makes sense and creates a more organized work area!!

Tianne said...

Still loving this tip, such a great idea, now just finding the time to reorganise EVERYTHING!

Von said...

thank you for sharing. Perfect for what I need.