Sunday, October 31, 2010

Owl be back

Get it?!! LOL

OK ... here are a few little crochet owls for a special post. I have 5 ready for the Handmade Craft Market at Erina High school on 21st November ... and a red & green one under construction. If you're loving these little owls I am happy to make one for you. These are all made from Milford crochet cotton, which is 3ply, so soft and the most vibrant & wonderful colours! Awake on one side and asleep on the other

If you're thinking "I'd love to make one of them myself", then you're in luck! The pattern for these little owls features in the new Milford Threads crochet pattern book, and you will find it in your local Spotlight store in the new year (hopefully!). I co-wrote it with my Mum, and her patterns include bootees, hats, green bag, table runner and other such nifty items. Our pic is on the back ... it's very exciting!

Questions about my crochet owls? Leave a comment or email me at for more info :)


Adelina said...

Where can I get the pattern for these gorgeous owls?

Dawn said...

Adelina, this pattern is part of a book that my Mum and I co-wrote for Milford Threads, which is to be published by Spotlight. Unfortunately they haven't given us a date for that yet! If you're interested in a PDF pattern, you can email me at and I will put that together for you.