Sunday, May 3, 2009

Give the People what they want!

I like that saying, and after hearing it on tv last night it got me to thinking ... what do the people want? For example ... I'm designing some new dolls, and would it not be wise to find out what it is that people want in a doll?

So ... I put it to you, my wonderful blog readers with incredible good taste ... what do you want in a doll?

Pretty to sit on the shelf and be admired?
Practical to be played with and subsequently machine washed?
Colour schemes ... what colours work for you?
Themes ... I love making pirate dolls, but how do you think your doll should be dressed up?
Are you a soapmaker? Do you want a doll who is all geared up for soapmaking too? Or a jeweller, or a photographer, or an artist?

So come on ... hit me! What do you want in a dolly? :)

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