Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mineral Makeup Follow-up

Remember I mentioned my very great excitement about ordering some brushes and samples of mineral makeup from The All Natural Face on Etsy? Well ... they got here in great time, and the number of samples absolutely took my breath away! I was able to figure out my foundation colour really easily (Medium Beige Warmer), and this morning I applied foundation (light as a feather) with the cute little Kabuki brush. There was a sample of blush, which was beautiful and subtle (I haven't worn blusher since the early 90's!), also applied with the mini kabuki brush.

Now I need to rave about the concealer ... wow! I used it under my eyes (thinking I didn't really need it), and the difference was quite remarkable. I was a bit spoiled for choice with eyeshadow samples, but today I opted for a gorgeous 'Swiss chocolate' colour and it's wonderful.

I have put in my order for full size jars of foundation, eyeshadow & eyeliner and a blending cream for eyeshadow. I even ordered some for my sister, because she was really impressed. Price is excellent, the product is beautiful and light, and full size eyeshadow jar generously packed.

My verdict ... for a girl who learned to apply makeup in the 80's, decided she wanted to update her look (no I wasn't still wearing blue mascara, but I had gotten a bit boring), I am thrilled with the result, the cost and the customer service. Definately go visit Crystal at The All Natural Face on Etsy and tell her Hello Dollies sent you :D

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