Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kids + Baking = mess!

Early on I learned that my kids love to help me bake (Princess #2 in particular), and it was inevitable that they would get a grubby front. So ... I drafted a cute little apron pattern and made one for each princess. Then I decided that they were too plain, so I started painting them. Since it's not much extra trouble to make 4 aprons when making 2 ... well, I did! Then I painted those too. Then I put them up for sale, and you could have knocked me down with a feather when they sold!

So ... I've been painting my little Kiss the Cook aprons ever since, and I'm on a roll to get ready for the Quilt & Craft fair at Darling Harbour next month. I thought I'd test one out on Etsy and see if it sells ... it has 3 free recipe cards with it, and it's even wrapped ready to give as a gift. Oh, and I'll do custom colours too.

Click here to see it in the shop.

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