Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Woo Hoo! Krash Kittenz are nearly here!

OK ... so you know how much I looooooove Kenny K digital stamps, right? Well, the new Krash Kittenz are nearly here! One slight exciting dilema ... they need names! Why is this exciting? Because Kenny is asking us to name them!!!!

So ... here are some of my name suggestions :D

A Penelope Cruise'n
B Miss Understood
C Racing Stripes Rikki
D Lana Lariat
E Hot Rod Hannah
F Va Va Vrooooom
G Mae Western
H Sassy Sara
I Barb Wire (or Barbi Wire)
J 38 Cali
K Wild Wild Wendy
L Wandering Gypsy

Go check out Kenny's other cool stamps, including the new Dude Stuff (because it's hard to find stuff for guys, right!) by clicking here.

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