Monday, April 6, 2009

Coming to a magazine near you.....

.... my new ad!

I am very lucky to have a talented graphic designer as sister. With my vague mumblings of "not sure what text, but I might have my angel bear, or maybe the pirate, and what about a new logo" she managed to pull together this incredible 1/4 page colour magazine ad. Oh, and she did it all whilst wrangling a 2 year old and 6 month old ... I told you she was talented!

So this is the ad that will appear in the Fine Art and Decorative Painting Magazine Vol 16 No 8. Sure, it might be near the back, but I'm hoping it will jump out and interest people enough that they come and visit my website, and maybe even buy a pattern. Ah yes ... the website. It will be getting a complete overhaul so that it's more cohesive and user-friendly :) It's so exciting!


Darcey said...

Such a cute ad! Hope it gets you some sales!

Haru-Dori said...

hahahaha dec-arrrrr-ate... SO CUTE! i love it. it's a great adv-arrrrrr-tisement. :p