Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Marvellous Meerkats

While I've been unable to take photographs of new dolls for HelloDollies, I've been a bit itchy ... you know the feeling. Desperate to list something. I realised that my other shop, DawnLewisImagery, had been neglected and thought it was time to give it some love with new listings.

I had an absolute ball looking through a large batch of photographs I took last year, and editing them into cute little 4"x4" photos with funky effects. I have 2 sets listed in the shop, and a few more in the works. This set is a gorgeous little family of Meerkats I photographed at Taronga Western Plains Zoo (in Dubbo, Australia) and they're just too cute! Wouldn't they be adorable in 3 matching frames on the wall? Or to decorate 3 matching notebooks? Or to szhuzz up the front of a boring filing cabinet? :D

Click here to see them in the shop

1 comment:

Chrisy said...

Know how it gets...I've never seen 'real' meerkats...they're appealing little things...