Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don't you just love a genius?

I do ... and I am extra super lucky that my cousin is such a genius. I've been having sooooooooooo much trouble with my CompactFlash card, and haven't been able to retrieve a single photograph from my camera.

Turns out it's a particularly nasty virus, and my very clever and patient cousin spent a very long time on the phone with me helping to fix it. He's also going to clear it off my memory cards (and I realised it could also be on all my thumb drives!). The down side is that I also passed the virus onto my laptop and my mother's laptop. Still ... he showed me how to remove it, so I'm crossing fingers that I can read my notes and get the job done.

So the moral of this story is to keep your anti-virus software up to date, and ask everyone you meet if they can help you with your computer problems until you find someone who says yes LOL.

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Baroness Bijoutery said...

Sorry you had a virus problem...that is really the pits. Glad you found someone that can fix it for you..