Sunday, April 19, 2009

We declare 'Creative Day'

This morning my girls declared that today would be 'Creative Day'. It's almost lunch time, but they're still in their pj's, and drawing up a storm! They're making some new artwork that we're going to turn into notebooks and birthday books for their Etsy shop, KateDoodlez

I decided it was time to update my own shop, HelloDollies, and so I've listed my first ever doll I made from my original pattern. Her name is Tatiana, and she's an aspiring prima ballerina (who enjoys a kick-boxing session at the gym in her spare time). Click here to visit her on Etsy.

I'm still having some issues getting my photos from camera to computer, but I'm working on it ;)

1 comment:

Chrisy said...

The Creative Day idea makes me feel quite lovely... Tatiana's fabulous! Love her hair!