Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crochet Cuties

I packed up a large batch of crochet flowers and hearts last night, and designed these cute little bag toppers. Well, today Miss 9 helped me to fold the toppers and I attached them to the right bags. I think they look cute, and they should sell well at the upcoming Handmade Craft Markets. You will find me (and my Crochet Cuties) there on Sunday 22 August from 9am-2pm, at Erina High School, in the hall. Packs of 3 are $1.50, and packs of 5 are $2.50. Always happy to make custom colour packs on request :)


Mandi-Lee said...

Dawn, thank you so so much for my little bag of goodies! I got them in the mail today! I cant wait to use them! lol m xxx

Sarah Schwerin said...

Oh they are so gorgeous! The toppers look fab too!