Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good things do come in small packages

I had already brought the mail in, so what was that envelope in my letterbox? Had the postie forgotten one and come back to deliver it? Hmmmm ... no. There's no address, just my name. Ooooo ... hand-delivered post. Was it a cheque for Guides? NO! Inside was this BEAUTIFUL card from my lovely friend Sarah Not only is she rocking the copics, but I'm digging the embossing, and how the heck can I make my handwriting look as funky as yours???!!! LOL So now this beautiful burst of colour is sitting high and proud on my desk where I can see her all the time :D Thank you Sarah! You can see more of it on her blog ... here.


Sarah Schwerin said...

Awww thanks Dawn! LOL - I was so worried you were going to bust me in your driveway when I was delivering it! :D

Donna said...
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Donna said...

Aw lucky you, it's a nice surprise and yes Sarah is great at coloring with copics. It's nice to have a friend that does little things like that.
Donna xx