Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tiny crochet goodness!

Here it is ... my new favourite way to keep busy whilst at the doctors office, chatting on the phone or watching tv. Crochet.

My goal is to fill these tins for the Handmade Craft Markets next month. I think I can do it LOL. They look so cute on cards, scrapbooking pages, hairclips, amigurumi or handmade dolls.

My next challenge is to set a price for them, and decide whether I should bag some up, or just leave them loose :D


Mandi-Lee said...

these are so cute!!!
i think have a price per bag of say 10, but then let people pick their 10. This way people can pick the colours they want! When you are ready to sell i'll buy a couple .... ill find a great home for them in one of my cards!!!

Maria said...

These are fabulous Dawn! Hugs, Maria

Robin McK said...

Love them Dawn! Fabulous